FWMF - Sunday

Theme: Borders

Panelists: Hong-An Truong, Mimi Nguyen, Nilita Vachani

Moderator: Eng-Beng Lim

From the frontier, which is the first line of colonial genocide, to contested states, which are the loci of geopolitical struggle, borders have captured attention as sites of spectacle, signifying citizenship and social death, mobility and precariousness, security and vulnerability, limits and frames. This panel is organized around questions of borderization and borderlessness, of sexual formation as it lines up with and against political, socio-economic, and racial bordering. It brings together scholars and practitioners to reflect on the relation between gender, sexuality, and nation-state sovereignty; new forms of capital, labor, and consumption; the status of colonized people within global flows after neoliberal adjustments; and the structures of forced displacement, trafficking, deportation, and the illegalization of human beings. Illuminating the regional specificity of South Asia, East Asia, the European Union, and USA in our world system, the panel on Borders thinks through contemporary globalization and its mediation.